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Some facts about Fernando.
He also likes Manchego cheese, which is from the Castilla La Mancha region, where he grew up. Manchego cheese is made from sheep’s milk, and has a hard, dry texture.
He doesn’t like to eat a lot in the morning, cause it doesn’t sit well in your stomach. He normally has a few glasses of fruit juice, his favourite flavour is pineapple
He doesn’t like to go to bed with a full stomach (does the boy ever eat?) ‘cause it gives him nightmares. How cute.

He likes surfing on the internet.

He likes put a flower in his bath room

He has done a number of endorsements and adverts, one that I know of are:
- Pepsi
- Camy
- Natillas
- Joma
- EA FIFA 2005
- Adidas

In addition to football there are other sports that he likes, such as cycling and athletics. his idols on athletics are Carl Lewis and to Miguel Indurain.

His most famous goal came during the 3-0 victory over Valencia in the 2000 UEFA Champions League final. It's a goal that Moro dedicated to former Real Madrid captain Fernando Hierro.

Morientes and Raul are bounded in a deep friendship, we all know that. The last official proove was given in August 2002 when "El Moro" was not allowed to play in the European Supercup by technical order. Raul wore Morientes' shirt under his own one to show it in case he had scored. He didnt score and never admitted but spanish sports paper as prooved it one day later. This friendship even lasts over the borders, since Morientes left Madrid for Monaco. Raul visited him in Monacos 8-2 CL game against Deportivo la Coruna. Both embraced very intenely after Monaco beat RM in the quarters of Champions League. not only the players themselves but also their families are very close. They even go to holidays together. Raul and Morientes also wear a quite similar tattoo shortly above their right ankle.

Morientes admits that he was not badly student and that would like to specialize himself in something, management or computer science

In the time to choose his clothes to go out, he finds it easily, because he is organizer and thinks that the look is very important

Never will leave of be humble. He guarantees that, in his case, popularity and humbleness walk together.